I have been a long-time practitioner since 1992 and a teacher of yoga since 2006. I hope to share the benefits of yoga in my instructions as a teacher and therapeutics of yoga to those who attend my public classes or private session in central NJ (location in Metuchen, private or Hillsborough, NJ). Yoga is not just the physical poses but also an awareness of linking our breath, body, and spirit. My classes put a smile on your face as you grow in strength, flexibility and inner wisdom. The practice of yoga is filled with infinite possibilities and you are the focus. As described under the classical yog text, the 8th limb of yoga is samadhi. This means bliss. Please embrace a blissful state of well-being from yoga. Om Mani Padme Hum ~ Sharon

Comments – “Recovery since 2013…my son Jamie demonstrates all his different poses, and I am so impressed that I was there every day in the hospital when his entire left side was paralyzed from the stroke he incurred after his surgery. He was confined to a wheelchair and is now driving. We are both blessed and thankful to have found you and to benefit from your care, concern and knowledge that has made his recovery possible.” Mary Lou Falstrault


If you live near Hillsborough, NJ and interested in a morning mix style yoga class, please contact me for class schedule and available spots.