Partner seated twist

Partner yoga with the one you love one can help bridge communication and trust. This pose helps to stretch the trunk of the spine (mid-upper back) is a seated twist (parivrtta sukhasana).

You and your partner must be comfortable sitting on the floor in cross legged position. Slowly breathe in and slowly breathe out to establish synchronize rhythm of breathing together and gaze at each other’s eyes. Remember, you are both beautiful individuals and why you are attracted to each other.

  1. Sitting very tall as you inhale, place your right hand on your partner’s right knee and your partner is doing the same to your right knee.

2. Adjust your sitting position so your knees are almost touching with your partner’s knees who is also seated in cross legged position.

3. Place left hand behind the back and closer to right hip. Exhale find a slow moving twist.

4. Inhale can you reach for your right hand to your partner’s left hand that is behind the back and trunk of the spine is upright. If you are not able to reach, return your hand on your partner’s knee. Likewise your partner is trying to do the same.

5. Exhale slowly twist. Communicate to each other if this is feasible, comfortable or uncomfortable. Continue to breathe if this is comfortable and enjoy the twist for 30-72 seconds. Then talk to each other that it is time to slowly unwind the trunk of the spine and release the hands.

6. Gaze back to each other eye’s and breathe in rhythm.

7. Repeat step 3-6 to twist in the other direction (left) using the other hand.