Tree pose (vrksasana)

Spring is in the air. Winter is changing into Spring. It’s time to do tree pose. Vrksa in sanskrit means tree. As you balance on one leg, try to think about your vertical position for steadiness, strength, and gaze.

Stand with your feet slightly turned outward. Shift your weight on the left foot and feel four corners of your foot. Externally open your right hip so the knee moves to the side and lift the heel to inside left ankle. Keep the toes grounded to the mat. Breathe.

If you feel that you can balance, move the right foot up to the calf maintaining your right hip externally rotates. Press the inside right foot into the calf/inside shin of the standing leg.

Inhale, take your arms to the side thighs and rotate palms open with thumbs backwards and lift the arms wide and up overhead. Arms are at 10 and 2 o’clock if the shoulders are not open. Reach the arms overhead and palms together (anjali mudra).

Breathe deeply and slowly. Hold the pose for 15 secs and build towards 72 seconds. Try the other side.


Strengthen your glute medius of your standing leg. This helps to balance especially in walking

Opening of the one hip.

Focus and strengthen the bones.