Group Schedule

In a public class taught by Sharon. A new student will be asked if there are any physical limitations and asked if a particular physical area needs to be addressed during the practice. In all her classes, modifications of the poses are important to the students.

Gentle/restorative class is for those who are new to yoga or those who are able to move up/down to floor poses. This class helps with prevention of osteoarthritis, pain management or those who want a quiet practice to release stress and anxiety from our daily lives. Somatic movements and movement of two yoga postures are utilized to link body/mind/breath connection. Restorative poses activate the pathway to the parasympathetic nervous system – the secret to feeling better every day.

Hatha yoga class is for those who want to build stronger bones and muscles to prevent osteoporosis and improve balance and coordination. Poses are held longer. There will be some movement during the practice to warm up or loosen tight muscles. The syllables “Ha” and “tha” represent sun and moon (masculine and feminine energy).

Vinyasa flow class is for those who have at least 6 months of daily yoga practice and want a vigorous yoga practice. Cues of the poses may be less however body alignment and safety are important. Also, students who attend need to be mindful of their physical, emotions, and natural intelligence during this yoga flow.

Chair yoga class is for those who may have difficulties getting to the floor or do not want floor postures. This is an alternative yoga practice for those with mobility issues such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, herniated disks, disk compression, spinal stenosis, stroke recovery, or MS.