200 Hour Sakula Yoga Teacher Training

This is a 200-Hour foundation program which begins in the fall or spring. The school was created in 2011 and I am the lead trainer since 2012. This program is an in-person training 160 hours and 20 hours online. Location TBD (Metuchen, Hillsborough). You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the program

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Testimonies from teacher trainings:

“I’m so happy that I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Sakula Yoga Studio. Sharon is a fantastic instructor and the Sakula community is incredibly warm and welcoming. Sakula Yoga Studio is an amazing place to begin or continue your yoga journey!” – Nicole – 2018

“Yoga : to yoke or union, to bring together, from the sanskrit word Yuj. This is the first thing I wrote in my notebook on the first day of my Yoga teacher training. What I didn’t realize is that it was not just the definition to the practice of the asanas (poses) but also a link to learning breath work (pranayama), sequencing , sanskrit, history, and the philosophy of yoga. Sharon J. Hong is a wealth of knowledge, her way of teaching is interesting and fun with the right amount of balance so you don’t feel overwhelmed. She’s encouraging to everybody she teaches on and off the mat. The bringing together of a class of 10 students is not an easy task, but Sharon took the time to get to know each and everyone. The union that was created during our training turned out to be another unexpected definition to the word Yoga. Thank you Ro and Bonnie for honoring your own light and sharing it with the entire community. Sakula Yoga studio is a peaceful place to practice, the atmosphere, teachers and students all blend together to create and sense of family. I’m so happy to have walked through their doors over a year ago, not knowing that first step would lead me through Yoga Teacher Training”. – Namaste Darlene – 2015

“The program has been fun and I have learned a lot of things, both from a spiritual perspective and hands on asana knowledge. The studio is very supportive and friendly. Sharon is very easy to approach and my classmates were easy to get along with. I love all of the guest teachers and I wish that we could have had more guest teachers. It helped a lot in opening different perspective for us and learning different opinions and teaching styles. Sakula teachers and students have been really supportive, too! They were all very kind and generous accepting us into the classroom to help us to learn from them. Love this friendly atmosphere! :)” – Inmi – 2014

“Sakula Yoga Studio is amazing! It is a studio filled with candor, warmth and laughter. Sharon’s teaching was amazing! There was so much space to learn and grow in her class. I feel that the training provided me with a solid foundation to go out, spread my own wings and teach. She fostered an environment where we not only discovered ourselves, but we all became Great Friends.” – Anna – 2013